Hop to Geneva’s hip side: The bohemian district of Carouge has become a playground for the city’s arty crowd


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Why on earth are you taking them to Carouge?’ That’s what our guide had been asked when admitting to taking a tourist party out of central Geneva across the river Arve.

That was 25 years ago. It is different now. While Geneva has for decades been firmly on the international map as the beautiful lakeside City of Peace, and a world leader in business, finance and luxury goods, little Carouge has steadily been building its own reputation: its glorious Italianate architecture, leafy parks, squares and quirky streets — crammed with bespoke artisans — drawing tourists all too keen to visit the place known as Little Italy.

I had loved my time in central Geneva, with a two-hour long tuk tuk tour of the city and the lush outlying countryside and its vineyards.

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